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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


If we look at the superheroes that exist, they are all looked good and buffed with their respective tight costumes along with fetish underwear flashing their "asset" to the public and they will just say "don't worry, everything is fine". But, if you realize our so called normal life are not the same like superheroes. Although Batman is an orphan but he’s filthy rich and owned a "Batmobil", Superman can fly anywhere and whenever he wants too, Spiderman can jumped between the buildings. As a typical person I have to earn things through hardship and perseverance in order to achieve my goal in life.

Starting for this upcoming years I can't predict that my path is going to be busy, eventful or demanding but I can assure that there's going to be a lot of shit through the journey and I’m going to meet a bunch of shitty people as well. Bear in mind I am not Nostradamus but in someway or somehow I can sense it coming.

My father used to tell me, "abang, you must have the envy sentiment if you want to success". I know is forbidden for us to envy to each other but looking back at my old-man words I think is quite true, we need to have these kind of mood to drive us in whatever we want to do. Apart from external problems there is nothing can differ us to one another. You will get the reward when you work hard.

So that is my definition about man of steel. A man of steel is not about wearing costume and save the day but a man of steel is man who always found a way to improve himself day by day and not giving up easily.

P/S: superman gay sebab pakai spender kat luar..

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sonigonzales said...

all da best bro.kita kena strive to thrive, noting is gain by just doing noting.

ps/ spiderman kaki skodeng mengendap2 dari atas atap.

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